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Project Description

Coastal Exploration Company

WCCT was delighted to be able to support Henry Chamberlain and his new business, Coastal Exploration Company, to undertake their first “Norfolk Gin Run”. This was the maiden voyage of what we hope will be regular sailings of local cargo from Wells-next-the-Sea to Norwich and back via Great Yarmouth. WCCT provided the funds to sponsor two clients of the Purfleet Trust, to participate as  crew members providing them with a positive, life altering experience. One of them is now applying for furnding to continue with his sail training and hopefully this may lead into full time employment.

This venture was recognised by Richard Branson who Tweeted to say that the project was an example of combined commercial, environmental and social projects and a great deal of media interest was generated helping to raise the profile of Wells-next-the-Sea – for all the right reasons.

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